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  • 22 Sep 2016 12:41 PM
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    NCPA Yahoo Group emails now reactivated

    Hello everybody -- and a special hello to Frances Kakugawa!

    Many people miss the convenience of being able to send an email out to all the members.  So, I have reactivated the old NCPA Yahoo Group to bring that feature back.  Because we are ONLY going to use that site for member emails and because it was inactive for so long, there are several things you need to know.

    1.  You may still be listed as a member on the Yahoo Group, providing your email address has not changed.  I sent the first mass email out this morning.   If you receive that email, you don't need to do anything -- except remember the email address you used and the password you set.

    2.   If you were removed from the list because of a change in email address, or because you are not a member in good standing (didn't renew?), or because my fingers screwed up during the hours I've been working on this, just watch for an emailed invitation to join the Yahoo Group.  I tried to invite all members this norning, but the Yahoo Group will only permit a small number of email invitations each day.  If you got an invitation today, you just need to accept it per instructions in the email.  Please, do NOT email me to say you accept!

    3.  If you haven't yet received an email or an invitation, please be patient.  I'll be sending out more invitations tomorrow, and if necessary the following day.  

    4.   When you join the Yahoo Group, remember that I CANNOT access or change your email address or password.  All I could do is remove you.  Then you can ask to join on the site, and then wait to be accepted.

    Just so you know, new members to NCPA will always be directed to the Yahoo Group as part of their welcome letter.  They will only be accepted on the Yahoo Group after I've been able to verify their NCPA membership.  I will not be sending out emails to the general membershp to announce new members like before, nor will I be sending individual invitations to the Yahoo Group, since that was extraordinarily time consuming.  I'd suggest that everyone periodically look at the website membership list to check for unfamiliar names, then you can welcome them yourselves.

    I hope this helps all the NCPA members feel more connected with one another.  If you have questions or problems with the Yahoo Group site, please let me know.

    Sharon Darrow, NCPA President

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