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09 Dec 2016 11:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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Thank you to all who showed up for the Book Display meeting; we had a great, entertaining meeting, and it was nice the way Prez-Sharon had each of us talk about the titles we brought when we introduced ourselves, and to see the books that we’ve heard so much about..

On a somber note, Sharon also passed around a card to sign for Ken.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the Umbach family at this trying time. 

NO WED LUNCHTIME MEETING THIS MONTH ~ that day is too close to Christmas.

In addition to NCPA meeting info (page 1) * President’s message, plus B&N News (page 2), and NCPA DONOR, Author Brenda Novak’s Fundraiser for Diabetes info (page 13)  this month's newsletter contains the following items, some from award-winning published guest authors:

  • Frances Kakugawa : Guest Blogger Columnist : A Literary Afternoon at Borders with Frances H. Kakugawa  (page 3)
  • Members Corner : Book progress for 3 authors  (Bottom page 3) 
  • Book Awards Info  (page 4)  
  • Rachel Chu, NCPA Youth Member:   The Impact Of Cheating  (page 5)  
  • Challenge to other Youth Members  (page 5)  
  • Reneau Peurifoy, Get It in Writing  (page 6)
  • Industry Scale for Advances on Books (page 6)   
  • Matthias Mendezona  One Man’s Experience on Taping an Interview (page 7)  
  • All-Things-Book Awards/ Banquet Update (Bottom page 7)  
  • Spotlight on a Member: TOM KANDO ~ (pages 8 & 9 
  • NCPA Members Corner (Bottom page 9) 
  • Members Corner: Robert Pacholik Writers Digest Review on NIGHT FLARES (page 10) 
  • Thank you for Submissions & More (page 11)
  • Editorial on why we need to Thank & Appreciate our Guest Speakers (page 11)  
  • Contact Info on Guest Speakers Jan thru May + (page 11)  
  •  Making Connections Corner, with our Local Sister Writing Organizations, CWC * Cap Crimes *  Sac Suburban * SVR * SCBWI *  If you know one not here, let me know  (page 12)   
  • Local Upcoming Writing Events  Conferences, Contest, Meetings & More (page 13)  
  • Donor items & contact info 2017 Awards Banquet/ Scholarship Silent Auction (page 14) 
  • NCPA Board of Directors & other info relating to NCPA (page 15)

Click here for Dec 2016 Newsletter 

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